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Professional Advice for all your Home and Business Utility needs.

We specialise in bringing the personal touch to the often  confusing world of domestic and small business utility services.  As a small business we understand how important it is for our customers to have a real person with whom they can communicate easily when they have queries.  As private landlords ourselves we also understand how much utility problems can multiply when you own more than one house and are happy to offer advice based on our own experience.

We can offer advice and savings on….

  • Telecoms
  • Mobile phones
  • Broadband
  • Non-geographic numbers (0800/0844)
  • Energy

Our guarantee is that we will never suggest that you switch suppliers or services unless it is in YOUR best interests to do so.  What we will do is offer a full review of your individual needs and make recommendations based on our findings and experience.

We will clearly state our advice in writing and can assist with the switching process should that be appropriate.

We have a small network of local advisors based across the country.  We are therefore happy to discuss your requirements wherever you live in the UK.

What some people say about our services……..
“Thank you for your efforts – I know that you genuinely care about the service side of things and that is nice.” Di Fisher, Park 7 Studios

“the service I’ve received from you has been excellent – thanks. Very helpful and reassuring. Appreciate it – it makes all the difference.”  Angela Sherman, Milton Keynes

“Not only have we saved money on our utilities bills using UWDC but Nikki’s advice about the cheapest way to make international phone calls has saved us hundreds of pounds a year!” Alix and David Dees, Northants

“The report was really helpful – I just have to act on it now!!”  Samantha Tomlin, Red Apple HR

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